Monday, 13 May 2013

Book Review: "Macmillan Global Business Class eWorkbook"

Business Class eWorkbook
Pre-Intermediate & Intermediate
Campbell, Metcalf, Hogan, Moore, Tennant
Macmillan 2013

ISBN: 9780230443754 (Pre)
9780230443778 (Inter)
Sample blurb: "global is a ground-breaking 6-level adult course for today's learners of English. It enables you to learn English as it is used in our globalised world, to learn through English using information-rich topics and texts, and to learn about English as an international language."

The Global Business Class eWorkbook is a professional addition to Macmillan's Global coursebook series which I reviewed in some depth here so I won't be going into as much detail this time.

It consists simply of a CD-ROM in the same style as the general English offering that comes with the original course but with more professional topics covered.

Either as a complement to the course books or perhaps more likely as a stand-alone component, the core package consists of 10 units. Each unit has a variety of interactive gap-fill and matching vocabulary exercises, a business skills video and worksheets, along with listening, reading and writing activities. A colourful booklet explains how it all works.

Further sections include comprehensive coverage of grammar points, vocabulary and pronunciation with more interactive exercises, additional videos and audio recordings and a range of other back-up material such as word lists and dictionary, grammar help, writing tips and tests.

Your results are charted as you progress through the units so you know what you've already done and what needs more work.

An 'On The Move' section allows you to download recordings and videos for use on your mobile device and the recordings from the course book are also available if you are using the two in tandem.

My feeling is that this is a worthy component to the over all Global course which can also stand alone and be used conveniently by the busy professional both at home and on the move.

It's also further evidence of the industry-wide drift away from physical dead tree coursebooks over to the digital medium, and it's a constant delight to see what the ever-inventive publishers will come up with next.


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