Friday, 16 November 2012

Book Review: 'Business Advantage Advanced' by Handford, Lisboa

Business Advantage
Advanced Student's Book
Michael Handford & Martin Lisboa
Cambridge University Press 2012
ISBN 9780521181846

Publisher's Website
From the blurb: "Business Advantage is based on a unique syllabus that combines current business theory, business in practice and business skills - all presented using authentic, expert input. The course contains specific business-related outcomes making the material highly relevant and engaging." 

When I wrote an in-depth review of the intermediate and upper-intermediate levels of Cambridge's new Business Advantage series earlier this year, I was pretty excited about it.

Now the advanced level is out and it's just as competently put together as the other two, as you'd expect from Cambridge.

There's no point me writing a full review of it as I pretty much exhausted everything I had to say last time. Suffice it to say that everything I discussed applies here and I'll leave you with some  pretty pictures from the advanced level.

In case you don't pop over to the other long review, I finished it up thus:

"To sum up, then, I find Business Advantage an excellent new course, thoroughly up-to-date, with an inventively authentic business-focused approach. Cambridge describe it as 'the course for university and in-company learners, equipping them with the language they need to succeed in a business environment', and I'd say that's currently just about right. Well worth checking out."

And it's orange.


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